Cloud Based Intelligent Marketing for the Vacation Rental Professional

Why Fetch My Guest?

We understand the day to day challenges of running a successful vacation rental business. We also know that travelers are looking to work directly with you to insure their vacation rentals experience is a successful one. In order to achieve this outcome we believe that direct communications with the the host is essential. Our branded meta site, gives the traveler every opportunity to contact you directly. The Fetch My Guest platform allows you to work with any advertising source that adds value to your vacation rental business, from listing sites (big or small), social media campaigns or from our network of vacation rental professional who understand the value of promoting our community.

How Fetch My Guest Works

Our Intelligent Marketing Automation Platform delivers an all in one solution that gives you back control of your marketing efforts and guest communications.

  • Lead Management and Optimization Dashboard
  • Email Marketing Campaign Tracker
  • Guest Retention Manager
  • Performance Reporting for All Key Metrics of Your Business
  • Exclusive Access to Fetchmyvr

For the Agent:

  • All in one solution that improves the nurturing of prospective leads.
  • Automation that allows the agent to focus on bookings.
  • Get the most out of every guest lead !

Spend more time building relationships with your potential guests!

For the Manager:

  • Real time views into your lead and marketing management
  • Managed alerts that keep track of your marketing efforts
  • Comprehensive reporting to measure your office performance
  • Key perfomance metrics from listing sites and travel agencies

Start spending your time on efforts that add value to your business!

For the Traveler:

Travelers are best served when they can connect directly with the property owner and managers. We are committed to helping you build your brand with your prospective travelers and help you turn them into repeat guests !

  • The only site that connects travelers directly to your Brand
  • No Commissions to the professional host
  • No fees to the traveler
  • Your Brand is always front and center

Plan Options

  • 2-15 Properties
  • One Time Set Up Fee
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription
  • 10% Discount for Prepaid Annual Subcription
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  • 16-50 Properties
  • One Time Set Up Fee
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription
  • 10% Discount for Pre Paid Annual Subcription
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  • 51- 100 Properties
  • One Time Set Up Fee
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription
  • 10% Discount for Pre Paid Annual Subcription
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  • 101 - 200 Properties
  • One Time Set Up Fee
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription
  • 10% Discount for Pre Paid Annual Subcription
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For 200+ properties please contact us at

All options include:
  • Channel Manager
  • Lead Management and Optimization
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Automated Email Campaign Follow Up
  • Guest Retention Manager
  • Intelligent Retargeting
  • Scheduling and Alerts
  • Insights 360 Reporting
  • API Access
  • Fetchmyvr Access

About Us

Fetch My Guest believes that each and every vacation rental management company is its own unique brand, and travelers receive the best outcome when dealing with the locations and property experts. The Fetch My Guest team is comprised of professional experts with backgrounds in the Vacation Rental Property Management, Hospitality Marketing, Social Marketing, and Technology Development fields. We use Fetch My Guest every day and continue to grow our vision in delivering a world class vacation rental application that adds value to your day.


Our Values

Fetch My Guest places a high value on the integrity of our product, team members, and customer interactions. We understand what it means when products we consume fail us, and strive every day to deliver a world class experience that continues to add value to your business. When we fall short of those expectations, we will own it and move forward. Fetch My Guest will always work in the best interest of the vacation rental manager. We want your team more productive. We are committed to improving your business outlook in a simple and affordable way.

Our Story

As a successful vacation rental management company, we have watched the trends and experienced the changes. We wanted a place where we could manage all of our marketing, lead management and guest data while having control of how our Brand is communicated to the traveler. We understand the value of our brand as an asset to our business.

We set out to accomplish 3 goals that would help our business:

Invest in our Brand First - making sure our potential guests always recognize that we are the authority on the properties and the best source to ensure a successful vacation while reducing our dependence on the listing sites

Measure our marketing performance - measure and optimize every lead that comes through our business by comparing performance and maximizing opportunities where guests have made a direct connection with our brand.

Connect Travelers directly to Our Brand - Provide travelers with an alternative to Homeaway and Flipkey that will not charge them “fees” and connect them directly to professional hosts who are experts in their respective destinations.

Since our launch in the summer of 2015, We have dramatically improved the outlook for vacation rental professionals in optimizing their marketing efforts leading to higher conversion rates and repeat business. We look forward to helping others achieve this same success!

Using Fetch My Guest has not only boosted our reservations every month, it has helped us in building our brand relationship with our guests. Fetch My Guest saves us time, increases our conversions and improves our brand and reputation. Thank You Fetch My Guest! ~ Rita L., 50 properties

Fetch My Guest provides us the ability to showcase our brand to the vacation rental travelers while helping us grow relationships with our guests. Fetch My Guest makes great efforts in making sure I have complete control of the guest experience, from lead inception to the booking process and beyond and Fetch My Guest lead management software has significantly increased our conversion rate of the leads coming in from multiple sources. We have been looking for alternative distribution channels that compliment Homeaway and Flipkey for years. We have found a great ally in Fetch My Guest ! ~ Dan, Vacation Owner and General Manager / 30 properties

Fetch My Guests platform has increased our communication with our inquiries by double which has resulted in an increase of conversions. Fetch My Guest keeps us much more organized in a manner that helps us check back with each inquiry. We are thrilled to have complete control of our inquiries outside of our listing sites: Flipkey and VRBO. ~ Marianne, Owner / 4 properties

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Join Our Team

Fetch My Guest is always looking for talented individuals who can contribute to our team. If you think you have qualities that fit our values, send us an email here:


What is marketing automation?
  • Separating guest inquiries based on their intent and preferences
  • Sending out tailored information to guests based on where they are in booking cycle
  • Alerting agents to activities that show booking intent by traveler
  • Offering a more personalized experience to guests
  • High touch marketing that is proven highly effective
Does Fetch My Guest take payments?

No, Fetch My Guest does not take payments. However, we can refer you to a preferred payment provider.

Why would I use Fetch My Guest ? I already have a lead management system with my current PMS.

Fetch My Guest integrates with "open" PMS vendors who share a passion for doing what is best for the vacation rental manager. Our business enjoys the benefits of owning our data and the flexibility should we decide to move another PMS vendor. Our reporting is based on data from our peer group, not a singular vendor. This gives us visiblity into our business that we have never had before.

How do I use Fetch My Guest with my PMS ?

Fetch My Guest is flexible. It can be used in conjunction with your PMS (via API’s) or alongside your current PMS system. Fetch currently integrates with the following PMS vendors: Streamline, Bookingsync, SuperControl, Ciirus.

Why does Fetch My Guest not offer a free trial ?

Fetch My Guest offers a long term solution to guest marketing. We use it each and every day to run our business. Our team invests a lot of time and effort in making sure you are satisfied with our application. We are fully committed to providing a world class customer experience, as we know what it is like when service is not a priority.

Does Fetch My Guest take bookings ?

Fetch My Guest does record bookings. This can be achieved working with your PMS provider or working along side it.

Do you offer an API?

Application Program Interface (API) are available upon request.

Will I need to set up my own properties in Fetch?

No, we will import the properties once you sign up. You will be asked to verify your property data is correct.

What kind of support will I be provided and/or charged for?

Every customer receives access to our knowledge base, video library and email support system. In addition, phone support is offered to Silver and Gold Packages


Fetch My Guest service professionals are available to assist with:

Social Media Services:
  • Social Media
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
Inbound Marketing Services:
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Loyalty Program
  • Surveys
  • Blog Creation and Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Reviews
  • Special Offers
  • Contests

For more information please contact us at:


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