Vacation Rental Owners and Managers: You Are Asking The Wrong Question

Vacation Rental Manager and Owners: You Are Asking The Wrong Question

Trust Your Instincts

The other day I was speaking with a colleague who was frustrated by all the latest HomeAway policy changes.  Everyone knows the definition of insanity … stands to reason that changing our way of thinking is desperately needed in our industry.  

The question was asked:  Are you getting less bookings from HomeAway?  

My response: First of all, you are responsible for bookings…..not any listings site.  The ...

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What is Your Brand Worth?

What is Your Brand Worth?

The above question was asked to several veteran managers this week at a meeting I attended.  It is an uncomfortable question, one that produces much thought, emotions and there is only one answer.  

The actions of the past two months have been telegraphed  for years.  HomeAway has been very transparent in their plans and now they are executing.  The results has been anger on the part of the owner / managers ...

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3 Step Strategy to Protecting Your Vacation Rental Brand

3 Strategies to Protect Your Vacation Rental Brand

I will preface that there is no “silver bullet” to brand independence,  It takes a combination of hard work, ability to adapt to new challenges and using every available tool that benefits your brand.

We get asked often what strategies should be implemented today given the latest policy changes to HomeAway.  Your brand, and the associated investments are being completely cut off to the traveler in mid August.  We took ...

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Vacation Rental Managers and Owners: HomeAway Chaos - Round 3

Do  you trust HomeAway

"What is next?"  This is the burning question we get from clients who are frustrated with the continued policy changes that are negatively impacting our industry. If you have not visited your HomeAway listing lately, do so, it is an eye opener.  We always urge our new clients to take a moment to review one of their listings on each site they use, including calling the 1 800 number next ...

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