Vacation Rental Managers and Owners: The Tipping Point Has Arrived

Collaborative Communities

The Return of Collaborative Communities 

For the past 24 months we have weathered endless policy changes, deceptive practices and poor performance by what continues to be an adversarial relationship with the big listing sites.  The latest salvo came a few days ago with  VRBO’s major announcement to no longer allow you to have external links to your site. Despite what you read in some media, our brands continue to ...

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The Vacation Rental Collaboration Revolution

Vacation Rental Collaboration

There’s a lot of talk about independence in our industry; how to achieve success without being swallowed up by the behemoth listing sites, and whether branding is worth the time and effort.

I have a personal stake in all this. As a small property manager facing the challenge from sites wanting to wipe out our personal touch in the name of a more streamlined booking experience, we are in ...

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What Does HomeAway Have in Store for Us in 2017?

Next Step

By now some of you have read the Tnooz article, “HomeAway removes last remnant of independent guest-owner interaction”.   It highlights everything you are doing wrong and why they must take control of your potential guests by separating them from your Brand.  As professionals in this industry we are hyper aware of what happens when communications break down when our guest are in house.

HomeAway next steps

These continued policy changes are counter productive ...

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