Vacation Rental Managers and Owners - Why Are You Giving Up Control ?

Vacation Rental Managers and Owners - Why Are You Giving Up Control

For the past year I have talked to many vrbo's and vacation rental property managers looking for alternatives in the marketplace as they see the commission train roaring down the tracks.  In almost every conversation I am amazed at how few of us realize that we control the product.  The listing sites are just as dependent on us, as we are on them.  Owning the product gives you a distinct advantage, so why are you giving up control ?

The most common responses are:

A) If I don’t use x company dashboard I will lose my rankings.

B) Most, if not all my inventory is listed on x company site.

C) There are no alternatives sites.

The reality is the further you allow your inventory to be controlled by a third party and separate you from your guests experience, the less likely your business will grow or stay relevant in the marketplace.  The real question to ask is:  How long can I afford to to be dependent on these sites ?

What can I do ?

First and foremost is recognizing that you own the product.  Come up with creative ways of marketing your property, here are some creative blogs that help the community achieve marketing success:

Vacation Marketing Secrets

Vacation Marketing Blog

Cottage Blogger

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Please share any vacation marketing bloggers we may have missed !