Vacation Rental Managers and Owners: The Importance of Communities

Vacation Rental Managers and Owners: The Importance of Communities

“What do you like most about the conference? “ The answer to this question at the VRMA Conference in New Orleans was unanimous, “networking”.   The thirst for knowledge was undeniable.  The exchange of information was a proof point that the participants are getting wiser and gaining a better understanding of the changes in our industry.   It is as if every attendee understood that they were a part of special community.

Why does this community end when we go back home ?

I speak with many owner and managers every week.  They genuinely enjoy the connection and exchange of ideas we have on a weekly basis ...even if only to comisurate on thorny issues.  At a local level, our former “competitors” are now partners.  We understand that the competition is no longer local …’s from “outside” our geographic location.   We understand that working divided -  ultimately works against us.  

Communities have no boundaries.

No matter the size of your business, the level of experience or your geographical location, everyone can benefit from communities.  Communities do not have to be time consuming, but they do have to be timely.   Our industry is moving fast - standing still is no longer an option.  I have been fortunate in developing friendships all over the world through these communities, and will continue to build on this foundation.  If you are not familiar with some of these communities, try them out sometime:

Vacation World Summit

Cottage Blogger


Villa Marketers

The future of communities.

Communities will continue to thrive.  Our industry is unique in that every “mom and pop” has a better understanding of how technology plays a role in their respective business.   The communities I referenced above are just the start of these highly specialized knowledge distribution points.  The most important community is non technical and at a local level.  Those businesses that do not understand the fundamentals shifts that are happening in our industry and isolate themselves, will find it very difficult to maintain control of their businesses going forward.

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