Growing an Audience of Potential Vacation Rental Guests with Instagram


Instagram is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, grow an audience and update potential guests on new properties, upcoming events, and last minute specials. Here are some top tips for how to use Instagram to help you market your vacation rental brand.

Grow an Audience

One you have set up your Instagram account, the next most important thing is to grow an audience of potential guests interested in your brand.

  • Start by following accounts in your area, like local restaurants, shops, attractions, and especially the local visitor’s center.

  • Follow people that follow these accounts, they will most likely be interested in your brand too!

  • Engage with them by liking and commenting on their recent posts and they will most likely follow you back.

  • If someone really seems like they would be a good lead, DM them and send them info on you and your brand, maybe even some rentals that you have available last minute.

Use Hashtags

  • Look up hashtags relevant to your brand, like #vacationrental for instance, and see who posted recently using these hashtags. Follow and engage with these people and they will most likely engage back.

  • When searching hashtags, such as #vacationrental, you will see a list of related hashtags at the top of your feed. Some suggested hashtags similar to #vacationrental include #luxurytravel, #airbnbexpereince, #homeaway and #stayhere. Using these hashtags along with vacation rental is another great way to grow the audience that reaches you and also to discover brands similar to yours.

  • In the “top posts” section of the hashtag you’ve searched for, find people doing well in the content that you want to post about. See what kinds of other hashtags they are using.

  • Use a Hashtag Generator. Type in a word or phrase and suggested hashtags will be generated for you.

Increase Engagement

  • Comment as much as possible on your followers posts and on influencers in the same industry as yours. People are more likely to see comments and will be led back to you! 
  • Post videos to stories consistently - use location tag to be featured in the local story. 
  • When you publish a new post on your feed, make a video in your story of you talking about your latest post, people will be more likely to check it out. 
  • If you are posting a link back to a property, blog post or anything else. Make sure that you change the link in your bio and direct people in your post back to your bio to click and be directed back to your site.

There is so much you can do with Instagram to market your vacation rental. These tricks and tools are a good place to get you started in growing your audience, increasing engagement, and ideally getting more leads to your website to book!