Vacation Rental Managers Podcast: OTA Independence Achieved

sarah and T vacation rental podcast

The Professional Vacation Rental Manager's Podcast 

Sarah and Tim bring professional vacation rental managers the latest in vacation rental management news on their podcast, Sarah and T- The Professional Vacation Rental Manager's Podcast. Sarah Bradford is the co-owner of Winter Park Lodging Companywhich manages over 150 luxury vacation rentals in the third largest ski area in Colorado – Winter Park Resort.  In 2016, she and her husband launched Steamboat Lodging Company in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Tim Cafferty is the Founder and Owner of OuterBanks Blue and Sandbridge Blue.Together, they launched the first ever podcast solely focused on the professional vacation manager. They are passionate about sharing ideas with others in the industry and vice versa. 

Going from 100% Dependence on OTAs to 0% Dependence

In this past week's episode Sarah and T speak to Vince Perez, Founder and Partner of Fetch My Guest and Partner of Beach House Rentals in Santa Cruz, California. Vince speaks about how he has gone from 100% dependence on OTAs to 0% dependence.  Vince speaks to Sarah and T about how he did it by purposefully working on building his brand.   

Listen here to Vince's strategic execution of a plan that gave him complete independence from 3rd party sites. And subscribe and listen to Sarah and T's podcast here.