Results of our Vacation Rental Post Pandemic Survey


All survey respondents originated from North America.  The purpose of the survey was to identify any trends or pattern shifts that may be helpful post pandemic.  The period that was measured was between July and August.   The assumption is that most of the “drive to” destinations were open at more than 50% capacity.  

The Property Managers participants were asked to respond to the 5 questions below:

100% of the respondents managed between 10 - 100 properties.  

Almost 80% of the respondents experienced a significant lift or had their best months ever.  The pent up demand was evident in all markets. 

Direct Bookings lead the way as travelers looking “local” reconnected with the brands that are familiar to them.  Many PM’s also reported high call volume as travelers were looking for answers for answers they were not getting from the OTAs

All the participants experienced new highs in direct bookings post pandemic.  We will address the residual effects of this performance in a few months.

44% of participants indicate they will be decreasing their use of OTAs, none indicated increasing their use of OTA’s.  11% are looking for alternatives to fuel their bookings.

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