The 4 Best Reasons to Visit Oahu This Summer

oahu this summer

All of the Hawaiian Islands are special in their own way, but none more so than the magical Oahu. The magical landscapes, unbelievable beaches and endless options for indulging in music, dance and delicious food should put this island at the top of your list for your next summer vacation.

The Natural Landmarks

If you’re passionate about the great outdoors, Oahu in the summertime is simply inspiring. The island offers a robust variety of wonderful landmarks to discover and admire. For adventurous hikers seeking inspiring views, visiting Diamond Head Crater offers an unforgettable experience. For those looking to experience one of Hawaii's beautiful waterfalls, Manoa Falls offers a magical cascade rolling down a cliff face that soars 150 feet into the sky. 

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Music and Dancing

Hawaii is all about music and dancing. Visiting in the summer provides you with endless opportunities to experience some of the very best that Oahu has to offer. The annual Bon Dances, for example, offer a chance for visitors to partake in a centuries-old tradition that honors ancestors through dance. Everyone is invited to partake in the folk dances that take place in various temples across Oahu, where you’ll experience myriad dancers adorned in traditional and colorful summer kimonos. No need to take lessons—simply step into the circle and start dancing! Music is, of course, a big part of Hawaiian culture and no instrument illustrates this better than the ukulele. If your summer vacation puts you on Oahu on July 21, you can take part in the annual Ukulele Festival. This free five-hour-long concert brings in thousands of people, including celebrities and famed musicians. In addition to a ukulele orchestra, you’ll get to listen to some of the best ukulele players in the world.

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The Amazing Food

One of the best reasons to visit Oahu is for the amazing and decadent food. Whether you’re visiting the North Shore or Honolulu, there are endless options for indulging in delicious dishes. For the seafood enthusiast, give Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp a try—this family business offers some of the best garlic and shrimp plates on the island. If you’re on the hunt for some traditional Hawaiian food, drop in on Helena’s Hawaiian Food Stop where you can experience family recipes featuring the famed kalua pig. 

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Beautiful Beaches and the Calm North Shore

No list about vacationing in Hawaii during the summer months would be complete without beaches and waves. After all, what kind of summer vacation would it be without time spent on a beach under a tropical sun? Appropriately, this is the single best reason to visit Oahu during the summer months.Because of its epic waves, the legendary North Shore brings in the best surfers in the world. For those that just want to have a little fun in the water, this can be problematic. But not so in the summer months! The waters of the North Shore are calm, making them perfectly accessible to swimmers of all stripes. Be sure to enjoy the picturesque Waimea Bay or pay a visit to Sunset Beach at the appropriate time of day. And for those looking to do a little snorkeling, the calm summertime ocean offers perfect opportunities to enjoy the variety of tropical sea life that inhabits Shark’s Cove and Three Tables. 

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