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Top 10 Dog Friendly Destinations on the West Coast

dog friendly beach

Headed on vacation but don’t want to leave your dog? Don’t fret, with the number of dog friendly vacation rentals, restaurants, beaches and parks popping up, you’re furry friend can tag along. This time of year the West coast is gorgeous, with warm weather, breathtaking sunsets and plenty to do, you can’t go wrong. And there are tons of dog friendly destinations that provide the perfect spot for your next vacation. Here are our top 10 dog friendly destinations on the West coast and the dog friendly vacation rentals to stay in while you’re there.

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Epic Adventure Summer Bucket List Ideas


Summer is all about getting out of your comfort zone and having fun! As the weather gets warmer and you’re feeling more carefree and a little bit risky, get the whole family together to do something that makes you sweat a bit. After all, they do say that fear brings people together.  You can take you yearly family bonding trip to a whole new level.

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